Hillman Group Zinc Type A Wing Nuts (1/2"-13")

Hillman Group

Zinc Type A Wing Nuts are a type of specialty nut with a pair of wings to enable tightening by hand, without the use of tools. The wings provide a grip for the thumb and finger for turning.


  • TYPE A WING NUTS: Type A wing nuts have moderate-height wings and are cold forged for added durability
  • ENGINEERED FOR HAND ADJUSTMENTS: Used where frequent adjustments or removals are needed and can be made quickly
  • IDEAL FOR QUICK ASSEMBLIES: Common applications include drum sets, bicycles, lighting equipment, or anything in need of fast assembly / disassembly
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT FINISH: Cold-forged zinc offers strong corrosion protection and durability
  • TOOL-FREE OPERATION: No tools are required for installation, adjustment, or removal
  • One (1) C-Pak per sellable unit
  • 50 pieces per retail package


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