Eaton Cooper Wiring White Dimmable Full LED Nightlight


White Dimmable Full LED nightlight is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, stairs and landings. The flush-mount LED nightlight provides added safety and comfort along with receptacle functionality. Ambient light sensor turns the nightlight On when ambient light is low, and Off when ambient light is high. Nightlights are dimmable to desired light level. Long-lasting energy efficient LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours lamp life. Nightlight features full dimming as well as 3 preset levels to easily match light levels on devices mounted in series. Nightlights use 3 LED lamps that consume a maximum of 1 watt of energy. Automatic grounding system eliminates the need for bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosures and provides redundant measure of ground continuity where a jumper is used. Convenient patented built-in wire stripper speeds installation. Terminal screws are backed out and ready for wiring to enhance ease of installation. Devices mounted in series can be controlled by an external switch in guide light mode. Rating - 1W 120V/AC Nightlight. Wiring Method - Back & Side Wire.

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